April 22, 2014

On February 17, 1995 the FDA published findings that said that Benzoyl Peroxide was changed from a category 1 (relatively harmless ingredient) to a category 3 (causing significant concern). The reason for the change in category was the fact that Benzoyl Peroxide was pr...

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Acne - The Truth about Benzoyl Peroxide

April 22, 2014

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Date:  May 2014

Product:  Imani's World Diaper Balm


My Name is Danielle. I have 4 children . You would think that by baby #4 I would have this diaper rash thing under control. NOT . My 1 year old had a diaper rash that was so bad you could see the blood underneath the skin as it had started to peel. I tried everything from Vitamin A and D ointment to Browning Flower on the stove. I even took. My son to the doctor with a $30 co pay only for them to tell me keep it dry and drink fluids and it will go away. A friend gave me a product by "Imani's Walk" that was a diaper rash ointment that was natural. I was very skeptical but I used it. To my surprise the rash was 80% cleared over night. Thanks so much for this product. It is highly recommended and I look forward to trying other items that this company offers.



Date:  July 2014

Product:  Citrus and Tea Tree Lip Balm


 I find the scent giving me brief intervals of a refreshing aromatic boost that transports my senses to a calming and refreshing place and I have found myself reaching for it time and time throughout the day.



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